Fabrikspris Bsp Carbon Steel Fittings Adaptere 90 graders hydraulisk albue

1BJ9 is one of hydraulic hose adapters with BSP male and JIC male thread types. YH Hydraulic is providing a wide assortment of adapters which are precisely fabricated using not only carbon steel but stainless steel. There are available in several sizes and specifications and conform to industrial quality and functional standards. Details Part no.: 1BJ9(90 degrees BSP male 60 degrees seat with JIC male 74 degrees cone) Material: Carbon steel #45; Carbon Steel #20; Stainless Steel Standards: SAE J514; SAE J1453; DIN 2353; DIN3865 (popular ones) Coating: ...
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90 Elbow Orfs Mand / Bsp Hydraulisk Adapter til O-ring

6F9 elbow fittings are 90 degrees ORFS make o-ring bulkhead types. Our production covers complete sizes which can meet most demands from customers over the world. They are also resistant to vibrations and system impulses. The sealing between pipe and adapter is created by a O-ring, which gives a safe unit. The fittings can be dismantled and assembled multiple times without deterioration of the unit. Details Part no.: 6F9(90 Degrees ORFS Male O-ring Bulkhead) Standard: SAE J514, SAE J1453, BS5200, DIN2353 standards Sizes All kind of size is ...
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ISO JIC flade ansigtsstik, hydrauliske fittings, slangekoblinger

2J9 adapter fittings are 90 degrees JIC male 37 degrees cone to JIC female 37 degrees seat. Complete sizes dimensions are showed below on technical data sheet. Adapter fittings are manufactured as per drawings or customers’ special demands. Our production standard is Winner which is same as Eaton. Details Part no.: 2J9(90°JIC Male 74°Cone to JIC Female 74°Seat) Shapes and straights are manufactured as per material compositions desired by drawings or customers’ requirements. YH fittings are produced in conformance with SEA, BS, AS, ANSI and DIN standards Available ...
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90 graders Orfs hanadapter 1f9 Orfs mandlig albue rørmontering

90 grader-amerikansk-adapter
5N9 fittings are 90 degrees elbow NPT male to NPT female thread types. NPT threads are designed with a 60 degrees thread angle, and are used for joining and sealing pipe to fittings in low pressure air or liquids and also mechanical fields. 5N9 fittings are produced with Eaton production standard which is famous in the world. Details Part no.: 5N9(90°NPT Male to NPT Female) Casting method: forged(precision investment casting and CNC precisely machined) OEM service: available on request Body material: carbon steel; stainless steel; other material available ...
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Kinesisk producent Metric Din 3865 adapterfittings britisk standardrør gevindmontering hydraulisk adapter brystvorte Wi

Britiske standardformat Slange-adaptere
1B series instead of BSP male 60 degrees seat bonded seal threads have sizes from 1/8’’ to 2’’ that are popularly producing items in YH Hydraulic. 1B adapter fittings come in material of 45 carbon steel mostly. But other materials like stainless steel or brass are acceptable in our factory. These adapter fittings are finished with zinc plated or chrome plated. Details Part no.: 5B(BSP male 60 degrees seat bonded seal with BSP female threads) 5B type: Straight; one side BSP male, the other BSP female 5B advantage: ...
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Kina Producent Hydraulisk monteringstråd af god kvalitet Bsp-adapter til god kvalitet

1B series instead of BSP male 60 degrees seat bonded seal threads have sizes from 1/8’’ to 2’’ that are popularly producing items in YH Hydraulic. 1B adapter fittings come in material of 45 carbon steel mostly. But other materials like stainless steel or brass are acceptable in our factory. These adapter fittings are finished with zinc plated or chrome plated. Details Part no.: 1B(BSP Male 60 Degrees Seat Bonded Seal) Type: Straight(1B); 45 degrees Elbow(1B4); 90 degrees(1B9) Color: White; Yellow; Silver Sizes: showed on technical data table ...
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Fabrik Bsp Hdpe Rørtilpasning Han adapter / eaton slangefittings

BB instead of BSP male 60 degrees seat with BSP female 60 degrees cone branch tee threads is a popular series among customers. YH is providing complete sizes of BB series which are showed on technical table data. YH can also produce other items with different threads such NPT, BSPT, metric, ORFS, JIC, etc. Our products are coated with zinc or chrome mostly before delivery. Details Part no.: BB(BSP Male 60 Degrees Seat with BSP Female 60 Degrees Cone Branch Tee) Good color and luster. All the adapter ...
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Fabrikspris BSP Carbon Steel Fittings Adaptere 90 graders hydraulisk albue

5B9 series are 90 degrees BSP male 60 degrees seat with BSP female thread type. Complete sizes production is involved in our factory that are from 1/8’’ to 1.1/4’’. Technical data are showed on the table. We welcome sizes difference manufacture to customers’ demands. To check our quality, we can send less than 5pcs samples for testing. Details Part no.: 5B9(90 degrees BSP male 60 degrees seat with BSP female) Related products: 5B(straight type); 5B4(45 degrees elbow) Material: 45 carbon steel; 20 carbon steel(mild steel); stainless steel; brass; ...
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90 graders albue bsp gevind justerbare stud hydrauliske adaptere

1CO9-OG is 90 degrees elbow metric male with SAE male adjustable stud threads. It can also be produced with whole set that is fitting with related cutting ring and nut. YH offers fittings that provide leak free solutions. Fittings generally connect a hose assembly to a port or adapter and are manufactured to meet or exceed industrial specification requirements of SAE, ISO and JIS standards Details Part no.: 1CO9-OG(90 degrees metric male 24 degrees light type with SAE male adjustable stud threads) Surface treatment: Trivalent Silver Zinc, Trivalent ...
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Gratis prøve SAE O-ring Mandslangetilpasning / hydraulikforbindelse / stålringringstykke han / hydraulisk adapter og fitting

SAE-O-ring-slangelignende Connectors
Metric adapter fittings 1DO series represent thread types of metric male 24 degrees heavy type and SAE male o-ring. YH is a leading producer of metric adapter fittings which are based on Winner production standard. With complete engineering capabilities, YH can design custom metric fittings and hose assemblies to original equipment standards. Details Part no.: 1DO(metric male 24 degrees heavy type with SAE male o-ring thread) Brand: YH; If any logo products required, please email to us Sizes: specifications showed on technical data table are standard. But for ...
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Metrisk 24-graders keglesæde Lys type Hydrauliske slangefittings

1C series are metric male 24 degrees light type which sizes are available from M12 to M52. YH provides complete items of hydraulic adapter fittings which are finished without any burrs and sharp edges brake. We can provide OEM service with drawings, samples or requirements presented. Details Part no.: 1C(Metric Male 24 Degrees Light Type) Advantages: Competitive prices; reliable quality; High degrees of smooth surface finish Coating: zinc plated; chrome plated; painting; others Standard: based on Winner(Eaton) production Pressure: from 16Mpa to 63Mpa Technical Data Table 代号 PART ...
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Fabrikspris Standard kulstofstål Hydraulisk adapter Metriske gevindfittings med fanget tætning

1DB-WD series are metric male 24 degrees heavy type and BSP with captive seal. Sizes from 04 to 24 are popularly produced and sold in YH Hydraulic. Items come in material of mild steel and stainless steel mostly. High precision is controlled by CNC manufacturing. As a reliable supplier, we not only provide quality products, but also nice service for creating a good business cooperation. Details Part no.: 1DB-WD(Metric Male 24°Heavy Type; BSP With Captive Seal) Material: Fitting part: mild steel; Captive seal: rubber Type: support selling complete ...
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45-graders albue-indstillelig stangende Bsp hydraulisk slangeadapter montering med ørering og skive

1DH4-OG adapter series are 45 degrees metric male 24 degrees heavy type adjustable stud. Mild steel is put into production to guarantee our high quality. And all machines are advanced in our factory that we can supply quality products. Also we can provide customers with special adapter fittings if drawings, samples or requirements are presented. Details Part no.: 1DH4-OG(45°Metric Male 24°Heavy Type Adjustable Stud) Process: according to drawings, samples and accurate sizes Machines and steps: precision CNC lathe, punch, friction press, milling machine forging, stamping, etc. Feature: suitable ...
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Kulstål 03310 Hydraulisk gevindindvendig hylse til SAE 100 R2AT / EN 853 2SN hydraulikslange

00210 er hylster til SAE 100R2AT-slange eller EN853 2SN-slange. For at afslutte produktionen af 00210-ferrer tager det mere end 8 trin fra materialeskæring til produktpakke i YH-fabrikken. Dens dimensioner er designet til internationale standardkrav. Høj grad af glat finish sikrer den høje kvalitet, der kan tilfredsstille kundernes behov med dets specielle og kvalificerede funktioner. Detaljer Del-nr .: 00210 Ferrule Farve: Gul; Hvid; Sølvbelægning: galvanisering; kromplade Funktion: God farve og glans; Rengøring af hylster; Burr og urenheder undgås. Materiale: ...
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JIC Female 74 Cone Hydraulisk slangefitting med 30 års fabrikserfaring

Part no. 26711 is a kind of JIC female with 74 degrees cone seat. Our part no.s are in line with Winner(Eaton as well) standard. For other brands like Manuli or Parker, we can figure out with our items to quote prices. Hose Fittings are made from carbon steel #45 or stainless steel if required. And sizes showed on technical data table are regularly produced. Details Material:Carbon Steel Technics:Forged Type:fittings Place of Origin:China (Mainland) Model Number:26711 Brand Name:YH Connection:Female Shape:Reducing Head Code:Hexagon Standard:EATON/Parker Certificate:CE/ISO Application:Oil Gas Water Industrial ...
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Gratis prøve Tilgængelig fabriksforsyning Albue 45 grader Orfs Kvindelig integreret slangepasse (metrisk)

24291 ORFS elbow fitting is known as flat face or O-ring face seal. And this tube fittings have been proved to be very effective in eliminating leakage at high pressures in hydraulic systems nowadays. 24291 fittings meet the requirements of SAE 1453 standard. Its popular color is white, yellow, and silver. Details Part no.: 24291(90 Degrees ORFS Female Flat Seat Crimp Type) Material: YH tube fittings are available in steel(carbon steel), stainless steel(SS304 or SS316) O-ring material: Viton Packing: Nylon plastic; Corrugated Carton; Multiple plywood case Payment: 30% ...
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Galvaniseret karbonstål, udvendigt monteret fittings til huller i nipler til olie

26711one piece series are with thread of JIC female 74 degrees cone seat. 26711one piece fittings are 26711 fittings crimped with ferrules by crimping machines. Fittings and ferrules are precisely manufactured to avoid leaking when crimped with hydraulic hoses. YH are selling best prices and best quality to customers. Details Part no.: 26711one piece(JIC female 74 degrees cone seat integral fitting) Material: 45 carbon steel(Fitting); 20 carbon steel(ferrule); others acceptable Color: Yellow; White; Silver Surface treatment: Zinc-plated; Chrome plated Delivery time: within 10 days Currency: USD; RMB; EURO; ...
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Lang levetid Lang slangefittings

Lang Type-Slange-Fittings
17811L series are SAE male 90 degrees cone seat long type fittings. 17811L are longer at head size compared with 17811. YH is involved in complete sizes and items of hydraulic fittings manufacturer. Different types can be found in our factory. Our fittings are used in hydraulic machines, excavators, loaders, and other mining equipments. Details Part no.: 17811L(SAE male 90 degrees cone seat long type) Thread types: metric; ORFS; JIC; NPT; JIS; BSPT; BSP; other popular types Sizes: from 1/4’’ to 3/4’’ are widely produced in YH Hydraulic ...
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Cnc Fremstilling Hydrauliske Orfs Fittige fittings til kvinder til kvinder

24211 series are ORFS female flat seat crimped type fittings which are widely acceptable in YH Hydraulic. 34211 series are with same application as 24211 series but 34211 are non-crimped types. Fittings are manufactured by CNC machines and the production needs more than 10 steps. YH control right dimensions and demands of each step. Details Part no.: 24211(ORFS Female Flat Seat Crimp Type) Related products: 34211(Non-crimped type) with same application; 24241(45 degrees elbow); 24291(90 degrees elbow) Thread Types: ORFS; JIC; NPT; BSP; BSPT; JIS; Metric, etc Origin: Ningbo, ...
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Højt tryk 45 graders BSP kvindelig maltoserør Montage hydraulisk slangekrympefittings

Del nr. 262691 produceres i vid udstrækning på YH-fabrikken, og dens trådtype er BSP. 22691 er en 90 graders albuearmatur, der inkluderer ca. 10 størrelser vist i teknisk datatabel (kun til reference, kundedesignede størrelser er velkomne). Hver størrelse kan produceres som en bestemt beslag, der anvendes til produktion af slangesamling i minedriften. Detaljer Hurtige detaljer Materiale: Carbon Steel, Carbon Steel Technics: Smedetype: Bøsning, fittings Oprindelsessted: Zhejiang, Kina (fastland), Zhejiang Kina (fastland) Modelnummer: 22691 Mærkenavn: YH Hydraulisk forbindelse: Kvindelig form: Lige hoved Kode: Hexagon-certificering: ISO9001: 2008 Efterbehandling: Forzinket størrelse: Tilpasset ...
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