Super slangekrympemaskine


Part no.: YHSTHC-81A
Ultra thin body, max opening
Operating system upgrade easy and intelligence
Suitable for crimping air condition pipe, flexible wire and special hose
Pre-fill design, crimp quickly and swaging force is big

Teknisk datatabel

Crimper rækkevidde1/8’’-1.1/4’’ 4SP
Standard spænding & motor380V / 4KW
Åbning uden diesΦ105mm
Valgfri spænding og motor220V / 2,2 kW
Antal standard sæt8 sets
Systematisk tryk20MPa
Vægt280 KGS
Volumen (L * W * H)600mm*480mm*1430mm

Produkt beskrivelse

1. for hose up to 2inch, can crimp at one time to get beautiful look;
2. hose after crimping do not have the problem of leaking, heads off, ellipticity.
3. this model can be used for large production line, it can crimp over 350 pieces per hour.
4. special dies can be offered as requested.