1ST4 series adapter fittings are 45 degrees elbow JIS GAS male 60 degrees cone with BSPT male thread types. The complete sizes from 04 to 32 are involved in our daily production. The details are showed below and in “technical data”. You can go ahead to check and find items and sizes required.


Part no.: 1ST4(45°JIS GAS Male 60°Cone With BSPT Male thread type)
Brand: YH; standard is Eaton production
Function: connecting parts inside of machines to convey fluids like oil and water
Materials: Iron; carbon steel; stainless steel; other specific metals
Surface: Cr+3; Cr+6 zinc plated; chrome plated
Delivery time: less than 25 days for an order or according to invoice

Teknisk datatabel



1ST4-04G1 / 4" X19R1/4"X19222214
1ST4-04-02G1 / 4" X19R1/8"X28222214
1ST4-04-06G1 / 4" X19R3/8"X19222217
1ST4-04-08G1 / 4" X19R1/2"X14272722
1ST4-06G3 / 8" X19R3/8"X19222217
1ST4-06-04G3 / 8" X19R1/4"X19222217
1ST4-06-08G3 / 8" X19R1/2"X14272722
1ST4-08G1 / 2" X14R1/2"X14272722
1ST4-08-06G1 / 2" X14R3/8"X19272722
1ST4-12G3 / 4" X14R3/4"X14333327
1ST4-12-08G3 / 4" X14R1/2"X14333327
1ST4-16G1" X11R1"X11373733
1ST4-16-12G1" X11R3/4"X14373733
1ST4-20G1.1 / 4" X11R1.1/4"X11404044
1ST4-24G1.1 / 2" X11R1.1/2"X11474750
1ST4-32G2" X11R2"X11555565